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i had line news animosity an overhaul in the white house donald trump replaces his chief of staff with the homeland security secretary we look at all the turbulence and infighting the current us administration has seen so far. the president promises to rid the country of refugee camps and to accommodate migrants amid claims that police are abusing people returning to the site of the notorious former jungle count. and german police admit the suspect in a stabbing attack in hamburg on friday is a known and failed asylum seeker. saturday
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afternoon of four here in moscow might have called him on the team to this world update this hour just when you think you know who's who in the white house there's been another major shake up in donald trump's top team this time he's pushed out his chief of staff friends the president announce the move on twitter as if he's wanted the song instead the current secretary of homeland security who's john kelly priebus is the latest in a string of high profile officials as you'll know to head for the exits in the past six months a week ago of course it was the white house press secretary sean spicer who left his position rather abruptly didn't come as a complete surprise to many of those because he hadn't been appearing at briefings for some time however it was the dismissal of the f.b.i. director james comey back in may that did come as a big shock especially to him one of the reasons that for that decision was the intelligence chief handling of the probe into hillary clinton using a private e-mail server while secretary of state before that it was his national
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security adviser michael flynn forced to resign over contacts with russia. looks at how the relationships in the white house are starting to resemble one particular t.v. series. between senate investigations and twitter wars the current u.s. presidency it hasn't barely gotten the ball rolling but there has been plenty of drama we are strongest when we're unified. this is a bunch of scumbags. president was being small president it's not presidential at all. this country. mr speaker to call for the impeachment of the president or have they tried i mean every single thing but i'm. here. when i'm finished i think they will absolutely. lately the bipartisan tug of war has shifted
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to being on the lines of the enemy of my enemy is my friend take attorney general jeff sessions not long ago he was considered want to trump most trusted allies whereas democrats were less than impressed he's a man of integrity a man of principle and a man of total utter resolve because the department of justice should be above reproach for the good of the country attorney general sessions should resign in just a couple of months trying fluffer sessions has turned sour and lo and behold senator chuck schumer is suddenly coming to his defense i am disappointed in the attorney general he should not have recused himself even if the president has disagreements with him which i think are real found self-centered. and wrong. you don't ridicule him in public apparently there's a thin line between love and hate and that line is basically just a few mean tweet and it works the opposite way as well let's look at former f.b.i.
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director james comey when he spoke out on the hillary clinton investigation praised his valor while the democrats were far from fleet it took guts for director coming to make the move that he made it light of the kind of opposition he had. the f.b.i. director has no credibility oh how the times have changed since he's a showboat he's a grandstander the f.b.i. has been in turmoil you know that i know that the reason that tony was fired was because donald trump wants to cut off any investigation and it's not just politicians who are easily swayed the media follows the changing tide as well george w. bush was rammed by the press and seen as one of the worst american presidents toward the end of his time in office he leaves office the most unpopular president in modern history this president performed so poorly we have a president to transcend at least stupid he is the worst president of my lifetime
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but a few well aimed comments in an interview turned him into a white house favorite i consider the media media to be indispensable to democracy we need an independent media to hold people like me to account it's very funny to a sense of humor is coming well he said oh well respected mr president we want to thank you. even former white house press secretary sean spicer who was one of the media's favorite punching bags for some time is now feeling the love following his resignation rumor has it he may even become a reality t.v. star the political positions are breathtakingly incoherent their scripts are frantic with all due apologies to what is trump's saying we were against it it's like that groucho marx songs is whatever you're for i'm against it it just depends because this isn't about platform. it's not about conviction it's not about ideology it's about personality we have two parties in this country dram and.
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thirteen the rule of thumb in washington these days it's a keep your enemies closer and your friendly is even closer at least until it's more beneficial to turn on the other party washington d.c. . the french president unveiled an ambitious plan to rid the country of its migrant camps and to better accommodate refugees by the end of this year mr mccraw pledge came during a ceremony welcoming france's newest citizens in the city of. the first battle is to house everybody in a dignified manner by the end of the year i will no more women than men in the streets in the woods last it's a question of dignity a question of humanity but also the fish and see everywhere where the emergency housing is built to welcome them i want administrative steps for their cases to be examined france has struggled with refugee camps for years of course in fact migrants are still arriving at the site of the infamous former jungle camp in the northern port of kalai which was dismantled last year human rights watch says that
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over four hundred people are now there but other estimates put that up to six hundred may be about half of them unaccompanied children police are warning that it could lead to a repeat of the violence seen in recent years. whoa whoa. whoa. one of the refugees return to cali again human rights watch is accusing police of abusing migrants on a routine basis describing it as quote like living in hell the rights group says pepper spray is being used on migrants even in circumstances when they pose no threat police are also being accused of confiscating sleeping bags and clothing
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from the migrants or disrupting access to their humanitarian aid. the french police admit that they are struggling to cope while the migrants say they feel abandoned by the authorities. i spent my six month in college and came and did this it to all the people you'll see in france will give you a fair part. work yet in your life then separately in the process and after. the cease. fire us. we have about six hundred migrants here now and we're expecting more there's a zero tolerance policy towards the settling of migrants and the reconstruction of the jungle the mission of the police is clear migrants must be prevented from sleeping in certain areas and from forming groups there's more and more tension including between the migrants themselves we also have difficulties with the far left which choice to promote a world without borders and without police they are particularly nervous about the
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actions of the police they try to film in attackers that creates tensions now that we have more work to do we've asked for reinforcements and i've received them from the interior ministry our job is not at all easy it's difficult to stop migrants from gathering in certain places. meanwhile reports of dire conditions are also coming from a migrant camp in northeast france china do bad ski is there. alcohol violence and reports of rape that's the reality in this camp that's being dubbed a humanitarian slum hit in metz. the problem there is a problem with alcohol and violence even as the major were cafes problems they don't have food but they manage to get hold of alcohol we don't know how to handle the situation there is not enough security over the number of people here in the camp has been dismantled several times but every time it's taken down the new
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people come and the camp is reformed locals ferments are concerned about its impact . this problem has to be addressed quickly for their sake as well as for us there suffer in. the city of metz was not prepared for the count therefore it is empty but now there are seven hundred refugees back there again it's becoming a second we return to the camp after dark on route our taxi driver tells us about some of the problems. there are a lot of home break ins a lot of aggression they snatch women's handbags but no one talks about their own c.v. the migrants everywhere are immense. at the camp we found out my quince apparently facing aggression as well from certain community within the camp. were not. only. the problems why in the world during fights
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this may take your money. as we speak with another man we're told to stop filming by security guards. people here are hiding from those who are looking for them in their own country. if you show their faces on t.v. you're putting their lives driscoll we don't want journalists here. despite the worsening conditions and other issues both in and out of the camp more people continue to arrive. in ski r.t. mats over in italy activists are holding a maritime protest in solidarity with the migrants risking their lives to get to europe via the mediterranean sea the protesters are sailing to the port of qatar near in sicily that's because the city is a starting point for a sea mission called defend europe which aims to prevent illegal immigration to europe while the group behind that controversial operation is accused by many of
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being anti migrant it claims that n.g.o.s are working with people smugglers and other just wants to monitor them italy's currently seeing record numbers of migrants londoner it sure was nearly ninety five thousand people have reached the country since the beginning of the shear. a man suspected of a stabbing rampage in hamburg on friday is a known islamist according to german police it killed one person and injured six others in an attack on a supermarket peter all of a has more on the story. well as we find out more information about what unfolded on friday evening in hamburg we've heard from the interior minister of that city state he's described the assailant in custody as a known islamised he also said this the man who's in custody was known to have suffered from psychological problems as well a motive for why he carried out his knife attack in this supermarket in hamburg
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still remains on knowing that there is no clarification on that as of yet we do know though is exactly what he did he went into this store he took a kitchen knife from one of the displays in the supermarket opened it from its parking packaging and then attacked people who were there not attack led to a fifty year old man suffering injuries from which he died the fact that this suspect was known to police was known to authorities as having connections to radical islamic groups is certainly going to raise questions if we cast our minds back to the end of last year and the horrific terrorist attack that took place in berlin whereby a truck was driven into a christmas market that perpetrator was also known to police as well so questions are going to be raised over just what it means to be on one of these watch lists do you know that the main suspect the person that was arrested at the scene is
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a failed asylum applicant which is in turn turning questions again towards angela merkel's policy when it comes to refugees and migrants in seeing many people criticizing her government again for that policy. violent clashes are continuing to wreak havoc in venezuela ahead of sunday's crucial vote on who will be responsible for rewriting the constitution perhaps one indication of how severe this is being regarded air france has canceled all flights to caracas this weekend .
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on sunday venezuelans will decide whether they want changes in the legislative body from the very beginning the initiative has angered the opposition they say it's simply a way of extending the president's power as we've been hearing from both sides of the divide. the purpose is not all it's a right there comes a decision the purpose is to get rid of the national were to war with two thirds of the bow does precisely the reason and they have five percent of rejection of the regime sold the resources to the e.c.b. go for it and unconstitutional obviously there's a presidential election in two thousand and eighteen were made during is going to be up for a vote the opposition is going to run for president regardless of the outcome of the constituent assembly it's an open democratic process the opposition can run
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their own candidates and they can participate in it but they have called to boycott it instead of taking part and if they have the majority as a state they do pick it easily run with a majority of constituents and change the constitution how they want to see a change instead of opposed a democratic process and called for violence in the streets of the response this is not of them. just not to try and do the demise of a little. and it. has been uncovered saying that they want to determine the outcome of the political process in venezuela they have long been funding to the tune of new orleans and millions and millions of u.s. taxpayer dollars to opposition parties to opposition movement no one wants us intervention even people members of the opposition that i spoke to do not want the us to intervene this is precisely they were. going to what you're going to eventually is that only the united states now makes it go announce that the united kingdom the parliament why. last summer than twelve days.
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and seven minutes so that's a lot of the lives that it is people about fifteen hundred be wounded and we have almost two thousand people in jail the husband the price of a civic protest but it's this is just another lie that it's just a hunch certainly to justify foreign intervention in the country vast majority of those deaths that would be one hundred deaths are caused by opposition violence over a dozen assassinations by opposition protesters against. people first of just for supporting the government i mean do you condemn those horrible political lynching surge you condemn those horrific political assassinations we are a peaceful opposition behold the whole world recognizes the european union is not only the united states trying to go on to say look at america the people are being killed now they have been so they say they are being killed by the by our own people that's their liberal always and i think it's very unfair to say the u.s.
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led coalition is calling on iraq to launch a public investigation into its military's alleged war crimes and have the details on that for you after the break.
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the feeling of. every the world if you read. it you'll get it on the old old. old according to jesse. coming from iran. alone again with mounting calls for washington to end its backing of the iraqi army units coming from rights groups the u.s. led coalition is now urging iraq to investigate claims of war crimes committed by its military. been consistent reporting of allegedly laws of armed conflict violations recently any violation of the law of armed conflict is unacceptable and should be in it investigated in a transparent parent manner we meet routinely with our partner forces to advise
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them on the expectations for throwing transparent investigations accountability for anyone found responsible for abuses and public disclosure findings and actions taken here are some of the claims of abuse that human rights watch has documented the watchdog reported that suspected members of islamic state were executed without trial some were found beheaded with children found among those killed some observers say the iraqi army used bulldozers to bury the bodies under rubble the report claims the executions were carried out by the sixteenth division of the iraqi army which played a significant role in the mosul liberation the units being trained by the u.s. since twenty fifteen and international observers say there's no indication that the supporters stopped a member of the baghdad province security committee told us that the u.s. must take some responsibility for any crimes that train the soldiers in question be warned though that some of the images you're about to see are disturbing. problem
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is that we are speaking of a close knit society people know each other city is a large city but those who were and role devices are very well known within the city the people who were prosecuted by isis now are leading the sixteen division and basically they see it as payback time the sixteen division was formed by the united states trained by the united states and controlled by the united states so definitely if there is any human rights violation. it's very obvious that those who controlled or formed this division must understand all must pay some type of at least moral responsibility because i mean nobody here sympathizes with isis supporters or isis of numbers so but from a legal point of view yes this is an issue that needs to be looked at. the
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streets of east london have been hit by unrest after a protest over the death of a young black man resulted in clashes with police. i think. the protesters were seen throwing fireworks at the police who attempted to disperse the crowd several bins were also set on fire in the middle of a street the demonstrators gathered on friday evening to demand justice for a twenty year old black man who died after being arrested last week a rowdy began near the place where the man was apprehended an independent commission is investigating his death. staying with the u.k. prime minister to resign may's last yes another top breaks it strategists she was also recently voted britain's most unpopular leader of this stage of the premiership nonetheless despite the turmoil at home she's currently enjoying a three week break in europe well everyone needs a holiday i get really bored the house the story the prime minister was meant to be
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getting away from it all but back in london yet another member of her senior team has gotten away from her downing street now former director of strategy chris wilkins has quit this follows four other resignations as may's closest aides the prime minister has now been abandoned by the very people that helped set out television for brags that the choice is becoming ever more clear. with our eyes fixed on the future strong and stable leadership with me as prime minister to see us through brics it and beyond or a coalition of chaos but with the plans architects no longer in the picture to reason may is short of a devises at a time when she needs the most critically wounded prime minister she either disastrous election campaign and election campaign that she won since a twenty four percent ahead and then losing this latest resignation of chris will
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cain is just not good example of part of the disastrous to even run though since the election rolling off the ship like rats i think that they see wounded government or the wounded prime minister britain has less than two years to negotiate bragg's it on its current course but brussels is still waiting for clarification of the u.k. stance on key issues and to resume a struggles don't tend with brags that the scandal over the grenfell fire disaster rages on london's metropolitan police have now announced that local authorities are under suspicion of corporate manslaughter meanwhile two reason may has admitted the party has been wrong on gay rights in the past with may now being urged to compensate tens of thousands of men who had been convicted in the u.k. under anti-gay laws decades ago to reason may is now the most unpopular british
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leader one month after a general election opposition leader gerry corbin's fortunes have gone the all of the way his popularity is now snoring but despite talk of cabinet rifts and disagreements publicly to resume a senior ministers putting up a united front at least for now she goes into the election and we didn't get the majority she wanted but she won the most seats she won the most votes i think she will last the scene. you need for any more political coup for for what the british people want to see is a government that gets some with the job they've got by with treason but in a sign that the policy could be seeking to disassociate itself from its beleaguered leader to resign may's picture was removed from the conservative website although with the next two years expected to be dominated by tough talks with brussels perhaps the only thing keeping to reason may and the job is that no one else wants
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it. auti. as if and i would have you doing this weekend with you and news alerts on the go with our apps i'll be back here though in half an hour with your next world news update i. just wish i would make. those get a little bit. longer but i you. know it was but i get sort. of this yes or no but if you dump a lot and there's no she refused.
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to. do you go get a good area for immigrants it's. never really know for sure but this is been. you know well when i started no i. just. to shape our.
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common ground.
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i'm afshin rattansi we're going underground ahead of tomorrow's vote in bolivarian revolution revenge as wayland held in the shadow of threats from washington of strong and swift economic actions coming up on the show. and they've broken economy we speak to actor and director nick moran about his upcoming edinburgh fringe play perform as written by of and welsh on whether the real gangsters are in the city of london and while britain's privatized british airways faces yet will strike action could we learn from iran whose national carrier just appointed a female c.e.o. we'll ask one of the islamic republic's senior terry if western sanctions benefit the nations they tell it gets us who is and he's going to move anyway all the simple coming up in today's going underground but first in the past twenty four hours donald trump and barack obama don't know chevron the oil multinational released results to the new york stock exchange the company infamous for allegations that it is responsible for water pollute.


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